Statute on the admissibility and ordering of outdoor advertising, vending machines and marquis in the old and central part of the city of Weimar and in the settlements of Eringsdorf, Tirfurth and Oberweimar Weimar, Germany / 1998 year Download
  • The growing of the international importance and the role of Weimar as a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage, on the one hand, and the onset of economic trends, on the other hand, require the establishment of framework conditions that would balance the interests of entrepreneurs, who are interested in advertising (Read more)

  • Statute of the federal city of Bonn on special requirements for the arrangement of building structures, advertising elements and retail space in the central part of the city (Statute for organizing and advertising in the central part of the city of Bonn) Bonn / 2015 year Download
  • The Federal city of Bonn has set itself the goal of making the central part of the city more attractive and, at the same time, enhancing the role of the city center and its adjoining territories in trade and services. The statute

  • Munich: Expert Assessment of Spatial Architectural Model Munich / 2011 year Download
  • Brief description Expert assessment of spatial architectural model Machleidt + Partner, Urban Planning Design Bureau, Berlin, Juliane Schonauer, Berlin Spatial planners, partners Susanne Burger and Peter Kuhn, Munich (Read more)