Glossary for Integrated Urban Development

  • The glossary intends to support the discussions on urban development between experts who are experienced in the German terminology and Ukrainian experts on all levels of politics, business, administration and local government. Many texts of laws and other legal regulations need clear and precise definitions. This includes the terms connected with the decision of the Ukrainian government to strengthen   decentralization and local self-government.

    The Whitebook on spatial and urban planning proposes to develop and establish a new legal system of urban development. This includes that a greater number of terms need an updated or new definition (e.g. the titles of the different categories of plans). This process should consider the terms used in other European countries.

    The glossary is a tool for activities and discussions in the field of urban development. Not more and not less. It has the same dynamic as the field itself. Therefore, the glossary shall be updated, corrected and extended.

    The glossary is the product of dialogues between experts of Ukraine, Switzerland and Germany. During this process the experts learned quite a lot from each other and the specifics of the other national system (e.g. the land rights).

    Tables of contents:

    1. General terms

    a. Professions of urban planning

    b. Construction and planning (general issues)

    c. Practice of construction and planning


    2. Regulations by law

    a. Legal regulations on planning

    b. Land rights

    c. Building regulations

    d. Laws on environment


    3. Sectoral planning

    a. Demography

    b. Ecology; planning of green areas

    c. Mobility; traffic and transport

    d. Urban renewal


    4. Terms of methodological issues

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  • Glossar zu Fachbegriffen für Integrierte Stadtentwicklung, Paper of the project on integrated urban development in Ukraine, second edition, Kyiv, April 2017

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  • Each language defines the terms of a special sector different (here: urban planning and development). These divergent definitions can produce irritations when concrete situations or amendments of laws or by-laws are considered. The project intends to initiate an understanding of every body also of unknown terminologies and to support a qualified dialogue between the different nations engaged. The method is a comparison of terms (words) in the different languages German (Germany and Switzerland) and Ukrainian. Sometimes a direct translation is not possible or adequate; in this case a description is given of the context in which the term is used. The glossary concentrates on urban development.

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  • 2017
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