Healthy Urban Development Checklist

  • The built environment is increasingly being viewed as influencing the health of the population. Whilst the public health concerns of water-borne and air-borne transmission of disease have largely been mitigated by modern development, today there is growing concern about the link between the built environment and ‘lifestyle diseases and risk factors’. That is why, as part of a stronger focus on prevention in relation to chronic disease, NSW Health has been developing its capacity to support urban environments which contribute to ensuring that our communities start out, and stay, healthy.

    The purpose of the Checklist is to help build the capacity of NSW Health to provide valuable feedback to local councils, and other relevant organisations, on health issues in relation to urban development plans and proposals.

    This checklist provides opportunities for participation in the planning and development system of various societal sectors:

    - Healthy Food
    - Physical Activity
    - Housing
    - Transport and Physical Connectivity
    - Quality Employment
    - Community Safety and Security
    - Public Open Space
    - Social Infrastructure
    - Social Cohesion and Social Connectivity
    - Environment and Health

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  • Commissioned by the NSW Department of Health and Sydney South West Area Health Service

    October 2009, 192 pages

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  • The Checklist provides an opportunity for NSW Health to play a key role in realising healthy, sustainable communities in NSW and is useful for health professionals. It will increase health professionals’ capacity to examine comprehensively and critically urban development policies, plans and proposals in relation to health. It is intended that the use of the Guideline will promote effective engagement between health professionals and urban planners and developers who value the contributions each can make to creating places where people can live healthy and fulfilling lives.

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  • October 2009
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