Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities (Text)

  • ‘The signing of the Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities provided for setting up a framework for new urban policy in Europe. To reach for the goal, it was first necessary to reach agreement between the participating countries on joint comprehension of the urban policy (‘The European City’). The document should be credited with paying attention ‘not just to aspects of urban development but also to the range of social problems, problems of local economies as well as matters of integration of ethnic minorities and professional training of socially vulnerable groups of population.’
    The Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities makes urban development the topic of European scale. It specifies European city models at the beginning of the 21st century recognising the values (civic participation in decisions-making, self-determination, mixing of targeted use types, social integration, public spaces) linked to the model).
    The news it the recognition by all the participating countries of the orientation towards the above-mentioned features of a European city. This is further specified in individual commitment to:

    • follow the Integrated Urban Development Strategy; and
    • counteract isolation of city districts with vulnerable population.

    Key statements:
    1. ‘Europe discovers the city’
    2. ’Urban renaissance’
    3. ‘Climate protection also depends from urban tasks’ [energy efficiency]
    4. 'Civic involvement’ [participation, engagement]
    5. 'The city must be beautiful’ [development culture]
    6. ‘Good city governance’ [good governance]
    The Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities immediately relates to the Lisbon Strategy (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lissabon-Strategie).
    In Germany, the Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities is implemented with assistance from the National Policy of Urban Development Initiative.

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  • European Union: Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities. Leipzig, 24-25 May 2007. – Information on Spatial Development, Issue 4. 2010. p.5. p.315-319

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  • The Leipzig Charter on Sustainable European Cities has been developed on initiative of Federal Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee and signed on 24-25 May 2007 in Leipzig on occasion of the unofficial EU Council meeting on urban development and territorial cohesion»

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  • 2007
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