Linking Urban Renewal and Regional Spatial Planning - Nodus URBANACT Baseline study

  • The previous report of the Nodus Project (in the framework of UrbAct) reviews interrelation between the local and higher-level (regional) planning. The project was initiated by Barcelona, Catalonia. The text characteristically shows a high level of abstraction and generalisation with no specific mention of its relation to the previous project.
    Nodus is a project for a working group focused on the links between urban regeneration and spatial planning elements that influence regional development and spatial segregation. The objective when deciding to lead the first Urbact adventure was just to exchange this Catalan initiative with other initiatives undertaken by regional administration
    NODUS focuses on (…) external integration of area based policies, concentrating on the links between regional level planning, governance and local area-based urban regeneration. The aim is to improve the coordination between these policies at supra-local (regional) level in order to achieve more balanced urban development.
    Part 2, A Framework for Regions and Cities, analyses 7 cities/regions at three research levels:
    2.1. The administrative structure
    2.2. Competences in urban regeneration and spatial planning
    2.3. Experiences in urban regeneration and spatial planning

    Case studies include Catalunya, Spain; Emilia Romagna, Italy; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Mazovia, Poland; Katowice, Poland; Alba Iulia, Romania; Dobrich, Bulgaria.

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  • Nodus, URBANACT: Linking Urban Renewal and Regional Spatial Planning. o.O. [Barcelona and Budapest]. o.J. [2008]

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  • Urban and regional research, baseline study
    Project name (EN): Linking Urban Renewal and Regional Spatial Planning, Project acronym: NODUS,  Period: 2007-2013,Web:
    Lead Partner (EN): Generalitat de Catalunya

    URBACT is a European exchange and learning programme promoting sustainable urban development.  URBACT is 550 cities, 29 countries and 7,000 active local stakeholders. URBACT is jointly financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) and the Member States.

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  • 2008, final report 2010
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  • Departament de Política territorial i Obres Públiques – Generalitat de Catalunya , Address: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain,
    Iván Tosics
    Maria Obiols

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