Requirements for the planning and construction in the public space of streets, roads, squares and facilities

  • This document contains the general stages of planning and construction in a public space: from the stages of development, the procedure for approval of the project documentation to the commissioning of construction objects and contains the following sections:
    - general guidelines for planning and construction in public spaces;
    - planning and development of working documentation for the construction within the limits of the travel section: requirements and standards for the construction of road construction plans;
    - technical drawings of sewage and infiltration systems;
    - planning and working documentation for road signs and transport facilities;
    - planning and working documentation for green areas.

  • Bibliographic information:
  • A guide to the general requirements for planning and building in a public space. Designed by the Underground Construction Department of Mannheim City Administration. January 2016, 108 pages

  • Additional Information:
  • The guide is designed to standardize urban building services, which sets standards to be respected by investors and third parties during construction in the city.

  • Date of publication:
  • January 2016
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  • Mannheim City Administration, Department of Underground Construction

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  • Mannheim City Administration, Department of Underground Construction Collinsstraße 1
    68161 Mannheim
    0621 / 293-7333 
    0621 / 293-7356

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  • Ukrainian, German
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