Statute on the admissibility and ordering of outdoor advertising, vending machines and marquis in the old and central part of the city of Weimar and in the settlements of Eringsdorf, Tirfurth and Oberweimar

  • The growing of the international importance and the role of Weimar as a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage, on the one hand, and the onset of economic trends, on the other hand, require the establishment of framework conditions that would balance the interests of entrepreneurs, who are interested in advertising their business with interests of society in preserving the historic face of the city and its attractiveness for tourists. In order to avoid distortions of the typical face of the city of Weimar (within and in relation to the landscape), in satisfying the reasonable demand for advertising, this statute is adopted. It fixes the limits for using the means of individual and specific design of each individual ad element. For advertising in Weimar there is a principle of restraint, the principle of "informing" is above the principle of "suggestion." In cases of advertising-related conflicts, the issue of the city's face or the protection of monuments in special areas requiring protection, particular attention is paid. Areas particularly in need of protection belong to the main areas of protection of monuments of the city, as well as other separate zones forming the characteristic city view.

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  • Published in  Allgemeinen Anzeiger № 30/93 від 28.07.1993, and changes in edition 1 in Rathauskurier, the official bulletin of the city of Weimar, № 17/98 as of  26.08.1998

  • Additional Information:
  • Amendments to § 2, paragraph 1 are supplemented by sentences 3 and 4, Rathauskurier 6/05 dated 27.03.2005, 2518 pages

  • Date of publication:
  • 26.08.1998
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  • Ukrainian
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