Discover Leipzig by Sustainable Transport. The Sustainable Urban Transport Guide Leipzig Leipzig / 2016 year Download
  • The Sustainable Urban Transport Guide Leipzig is a travel guide, which was created for discovering Leipzig city by sustainable transport. It features four tours that will let discover the city using sustainable transport modes (Read more)

  • Parking Guidebook for Beijing Beijing / 2015 year Download
  • This report studies Beijing’s existing parking policies and systems and studies several parking locations, residential, commercial, office and mixed use areas, both on-street and off-street, documenting existing parking practices in Beijing (Read more)

  • Intelligent Transport Systems. Module 4e. A Sourcebook for Policy-makers in Developing Cities Europe, Japan, USA, Asia / 2009 year Download
  • This module contains information about the management of traffic flows in the application of advanced technologies, the so-called "intelligent transport systems (ITS)". ITC combines the application of computing, information and communications technologies (Read more)