Sustainable urban development. Liveable, green and connected - working together to create tomorrow's cities Eschborn and Bonn / 2016 year Download
  • In our fastpaced and globally networked age, in which over half the world’s population lives in cities that use a disproportionate amount of natural resources and emit three quarters of the world’s greenhouse gases, we urgently need intelligent answers to the huge challenges facing us (Read more)

  • Urban Transport and Climate Change. Module 5е. Sustainable Transport: A Sourcebook for policy-makers in developing cities Lviv, Kyiv, Quito, Bogotá, Beijing, Seoul, Jakarta / 2014 year Download
  • Climate change is one of the major global challenges and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transport are a key contributor to this. In a wider transport sector mitigation strategy, sustainable urban mobility provides a unique opportunity to address climate change while at the same time fostering sustainable development (Read more)