“Planning is everything. The plan is nothing,” - Dwight D. Eisenhower

Integrated Urban Development requires huge efforts in planning. Each investment in municipal infrastructure has long lasting impacts and effects. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to look far ahead. Will the decision of today meet requirement of a situation in 10 to 15 years from now? Does such a decision have positive or negative impacts on neighboring areas of city development? Does a new street destroy precious recreational areas and nature? Is a new city quarter well connected to utilities and public transport? Do we have enough infrastructure to provide appropriate education for the people? Does such a decision close or open doors for a defined future? And moreover, is it a solution that helps to create and serve a clear long-term vision of a city and its citizens? What do other stakeholders, from society, from economy and from administration think about it? Can we combine public and private efforts?

In this chapter you find many documents on the processes and steps of modern integrated urban development. They may help you and all interested parties and stakeholders in your city to find the right and appropriate decision for and together with your citizens. For a city for humans. A city for the future. A sustainable city. This chapter gives you tools. It is you to use them.