Architectural Contests and Contests for Territories: Democracy in Action

  • The book covers the practical principles of organizing and conducting architectural contests and contests in the development of territories in modern Ukraine. The author seeks to launch a public discussion on democratic methods for selecting project proposals in the field of architecture and urban planning, to popularize competitive practice as a compulsory element of an effective public procurement system and to develop advice on improving the quality of architectural design and urban planning documentation. The main task of the publication is the dissemination of best practices in the organization and implementation of architectural competitions and the justification of the importance of public involvement at an early stage in decision making on urban development.

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  • Publisher: Representation of the Fund to them. Heinrich Böll in Ukraine
    Author: Anna Bondar, Honored Architect of Ukraine
    Kyiv 2017, 296 pages
    ISBN 978-617-7242-42-9

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  • The book explores more than 30 architectural competitions that took place in Ukraine in 2007-2017 on the initiative of state authorities, local self-government, private individuals and non-governmental organizations. The author analyzes Ukrainian legislation, European principles and methods of organizing competitions, as well as gives recommendations on reforming the industry in accordance with European directives.

    Publication will be of interest to representatives of local authorities, in particular urban planning and architecture, which nowadays often play the role of customer contests. The book will also be useful for engineering companies, architectural offices, specialized universities and public organizations working in the field of urban development.

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  • 2017
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