Managing Tourism at World Heritage Sites

  • The manual addresses the needs identified by site managers and training centres. It provides a set of management methodologies and practices intended to help managers to solve tourism problems. 
    The  manual  also  offers  a  set  of  tools  applicable  to  designing  surveys,  monitoring policy  and  management  implementation,  promoting  sites  and  communicating  with  stakeholders.  Managers  can  select  the  procedures  that  are appropriate for different sites, and adapt them accordingly.

    • The World Heritage Convention  13
    • The Tourism Industry: Implications for Managers  21
    • Tourism Impacts and Problems  29
    • Involving Stakeholders: The Benefits and Challenges of Public Participation 37
    • Setting Policy Goals and Management Objectives  45
    • Carrying Capacity and Related Planning Issues  55
    • Strategies and Solutions to Tourism Management Problems  63
    • Promoting a Site 77

    Appendix 1:Tourist Surveys: Techniques and Samples  87
    Appendix 2:International Cultural Tourism Charter  93
    Appendix 3: Guidebook, Magazine and Newspaper Publishers  97

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  • UNESCO World Heritage Centre: Managing Tourism at World Heritage Sites: a Practical Manual for World Heritage Site Managers. Author: Arthur Pedersen. Paris 2002 . 96 p.

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  • Tourism is one of the world’s largest industries. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) estimates that tourism generates some 12% of the world total GNP. With studies predicting continued growth, tourism is an increasingly important factor in the planning and management at UNESCO World Heritage sites. - The manual offers a set of tools applicable to designing surveys, monitoring policy and management implementation, promoting sites and communicating with stakeholders. Managers can select the procedures that are appropriate for different sites, and adapt them accordingly.

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